DAVID EDWARD KUCERA was born in San Jose, California.   At the age of ten, his family moved to Nebraska, and while most of the kids his age were helping with farm work, he spent most of his time painting and drawing. In high school Kucera was encouraged by his art teacher to pursue a career in art, but this talented individual decided to focus his life on a career in music, and in 1984, Ed graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California. Though playing music gave him some fond memories, and some unique traveling experiences, his creative energy eventually led him back to drawing and painting. He enrolled at the Colorado Institute of Art (now the Art Institute of Colorado). There he gained a reputation by winning illustration contests and earning a Merit Scholarship, and in June 1991, he graduated with honors, including Best Portfolio.


Kucera finds people of the Old West to be visually and spiritually fascinating subject matter. Through a colorfully rich palette, clever composition, and perspective his work comes alive.