September 11, 2021


This year's Weekend in the West Art Show is bringing top western artists and collectors to a ranch in picturesque Evergreen, Colorado on September 11.  The show features  artists presenting paintings, sculptures and more to help Bootstraps support worthy students with scholarships and loans.

Join us this September for an exclusive opportunity to meet or reconnect with Nikolo Balkanski, Gregory Block, Cheri Cappello, Jimmy Devine, Pem Dunn, Maeve Eichelberger, Carol Jenkins, Karryl, Gary Kim, Tom Lockhart, Terrie Lombardi, Karol Mack, David Mayer, Rodgers Naylor, Dan Oakleaf, Karen Roehl, Cheryl St. John, Pati Stajcar, Kevin Weckbach, and Jie Wei Zhou.  There will be art only from Edward Aldrich and David Santillanes. 

There will be a Quick Draw for patrons to interact individually with the artists.  Each artist will also have three works available for sale.  A key focus of this art show and sale is creating lasting connections between the artists and collectors.


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Featuring 20 of the Nation's Premier Artists